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Pleasantly Organised

Workflow and Personal Workplace Coachings and Seminars

Do you feel tired of paper-stacks and post-its continuously dragging your attention away from your priorities? Then the time is ripe to optimize your workplace and workflow. In our trainings we analyze the following areas (electronically and paper based) and make improvements where necessary:

  • Managing to-dos, e-mails, calendar, contacts , check-lists and notes
  • Organizing your personal workplace and filing method
  • Structuring ideas, interests, tasks, projects, goals and visions

With our Toolbox, Repair and Renovation coaching modules we equip you with a working method that will increase your efficiency, both at work and in your private life. These training modules are different in size but they are all based on the same methodology and each tailored to your individua lneeds. They basically include the following:

  • Toolbox, ½ day 
    In the Toolbox coaching you will learn the theory to optimize your workflow and workplace. We make use of your business or home offices for practical examples so that you can work outpractical ways how to carry out on your own.
  • Repair, 1 day (incl. Toolbox)
    During the Repair coaching we put the Toolbox into action and work on your personal construction site. You benefit from many practical tips and tricks and anchor the working method.
  • Renovation, 2 days (incl. Toolbox and Repair)
    Based on the Toolbox and Repair coachings we take even more time to renovate your workplace. By intensively applying the working method and structuring your workplace around it, we build a solid base for a sustainable system and smooth workflow.

We also hold seminars on the topic. Contact Us for a booking or more information. 

Important aspects:

  • The modular packages can be extended.
  • We work together closely in both the theoretical and the practical parts in order to meet your personal needs.
  • You should not be distracted by other activities during the trainings. We therefore offer the packages also on weekends.
  • Prerequisites: none.
  • Working booklet (currently only in German) included.

* Points to note:

  • Travel expenses apply for coachings outside the city of Zürich