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Hubert Baumgartner


Depending on the mandate, we work in a team to combine specialized knowledge and thus offer integrated solutions.

Hubert Baumgartner
Managing Partner at EXANTUM Advisory Services Aktiengesellschaft

Our expert for:

  • Financial and salary accounting
  • Business, tax and legal advisor
  • Business reorganization and business reconstruction

After his Master of Science in Business Administration and Master of Science in Finance, Hubert Baumgartner worked for over 15 years for leading management consulting firms as auditor, tax and legal consultant as well as financial and risk advisor. Afterwards, Hubert Baumgartner was active as consultant for national and multinational companies as well as auditing firms and law firms. During that time, he was in charge of IKS-mandates and for international revisions. He was also active as forensic advisor, consulting and supporting firms and organizations in white-collar crime prevention and detection. His projects were located in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the U.S.

Languages: German, English and French